You’re Invited to Old Dominion Dances January Event January 14th Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church(165th and Center) 7pm-9pm This is an informal event. Questions, email me at

The Callers with Ebenezer Scrooge at OldDD’s Christmas Ball. The Fezziwig Ball: Wow. What a great ending to our first year!  For those of you who were there one year ago at our first ever event, you know how far we’ve come in the past year. Our first dance was a […]

The Hop Ground (Emily) A simple dance Yellow Stockings (Jennifer) A good warm-up dance Waves of Tory (Emily) An old dance meant to imitate the waves of the sea. Rakes of Rochester (Jennifer) A simple dance Braes of Dornoch (Emily) A stately dance for three couple sets. Gathering Peascods (Jennifer) […]

To Old Dominion Dances’ 2010 Christmas Ball December 10th, Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church(168th and Center) Beginning promptly at 7pm We welcome families to attend; costumes are encouraged! Get in the mood with the most recent version of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”, (Disney 2009, I wouldn’t advise it for small children). There’s some fancy dancing shown at Fezziwig’s […]

Upon a Summer’s Day (Jennifer) There’s a video of this dance on youtube. It’s a simple dance, cheerful, and appropriate for children. Gathering Peascods (Emily) This is the dance briefly shown on the 1997 version of “Persuasion”. I encourage you to watch it to get a sense of how this […]

I recently watched the 1995 version(the best version, in my mind) of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” There is a brief dancing scene that shows the Musgroves and Captain Wentworth dancing what looks to me to be “Gathering Peascods”, and dance we’ve done before in our group. Only it didn’t look like […]

Here are the dances we have planned for tomorrow’s dance, along with who will be calling them: Upon a Summer’s Day (new) -Emily Ashford Anniversary (new) -Jennifer Jefferson’s Reel -Seth Dressed Ship -Emily Waves of Tory -Jennifer Ship’s Cook -No caller Gay Gordon (new) -Emily Stingo -Jennifer