1. Jefferson’s Reel (energetic and simple) Emily
  2. Hole in the Wall (calm and beautiful) Jennifer
  3. Jovial Beggars -Kimberly
  4. Auretti’s Dutch Skipper(flowing and smooth) -Emily
  5. Smithy Hill -Kimberly
  6. Female Saylor(exciting and gets faster throughout) -Kimberly
  7. Freeford Gardens -Emily
  8. I care not for these Ladies (sprightly) -Jennifer
  9. Juice of Barley (boot-stompin’) -Kimberly
  10. Gay Gordon (absolute chaos) -Jennifer

We have the honor of hosting the band Cecil’s Harp from the Iowa dance community along with several other talented musicians for our April dance. Jennifer and I will be calling along with Kimberly Hall, our guest and workshop leader from Missouri. Don’t expect very long intermissions between dances because we have a lot to do in two hours!

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