Less than two weeks until our very first Dance Workshop. Though we still have space for more to register in each session, I’m very pleased with the level of interest. At all our events we’ve had the providentially perfect number and just what we can handle. With only a few days left, now is the time to sign up to attend! Email me at swing@dominiondance.com. Register after Wednesday, March 30th and every lady who signs up for the Saturday workshop session can bring one gentleman along for free.

Want to volunteer? We need Photographers. We need pictures for advertising purposes, but we’re too busy to take them ourselves. If you have a family member who declines to dance and owns a camera, bring them along to snap a few shots for us. We’d appreciate it.

We will accept walk-ins. If you don’t know until the last minute if you can attend or not, don’t worry about it: just come.

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