Deeper Reasons Behind our Old Dominion Dance Group

  • To Provide Low-cost Family Enjoyment

The cost of $5 per person or $20 per family is, we hope, a very reasonable price for an evening out. There are many costs to organize and host the events we do. In practice we are much like a non-profit business with expenses to match. We are very thankful for the generosity of our regular attendees which makes our events possible.

  • To Encourage Gentlemanly Chivalry and Lady-like Femininity

We would like to encourage people to consider these lost arts as something desirable we should practice today. Dances give an opportunity to teach some of the practical aspects of etiquette. For example: the tradition of having the gentleman take the initiative in asking a lady to dance, instead of vice-versa.

  • To Provide a Safe Setting for Meeting and Mixing

Dancing, obviously, requires or at least requests that you dance with someone of the opposite gender. Learning as a young person how to have appropriate friendships with your siblings and friends is important; and that’s what we would like to encourage in this safe setting, with no romantic interest implied.

  • To Teach History

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it! Just sixty years ago in America, dancing was a frequent, common and appropriate social mixer; one hundred years ago, dancing was still all of that, but it was also an art to be mastered. English Country Dancing became common in Elizabethan England, and spread to America with the colonists. At the time of the American Revolution, ECD was just as popular in certain parts of the thirteen colonies as it was in England. We love history, which is just one more reason to love ECD.

  • To Provide Healthy Good Exercise.

We do enjoy the more energetic dances! This is not to say our dances are impossibly athletic, but one night of ECD will give you a good workout.

  • To Dance

Because we love it. Dancing is an enduring art, a technical skill, an ongoing education. We are a dance group.

Most of these goals behind the dancing are subtle, secondary, optional, and may not even be noticed by attendees. We encourage parents to take hold of the teaching opportunities ECD offers, to teach your children lasting life lessons.

3 thoughts on “Deeper Reasons

  1. I’m interested in attending your events and to learning English Country Dance. I have a friend who might attend with me. My only concern is that from your site it appears that those who attend are quite young (actually, this is encouraging). We are in our mid fifties. Please advise. We would like to attend a lesson on Dec. 11 and the dance later in the month. Best, Vickie

  2. Most of our attendees are younger, but we so encourage families to come together, and for older people to come as well. We love diversity! ECD is a good activity for some older people as well, because even though it is a kind of dance, most of the dances are done at walking speed.

  3. The country dance groups that perform at the California Renaissance Faires have been performing for thirty years and more, and they are not getting as many younger dancers in as they should. It is very encouraging to see your videos online, and I very much wish you lived in California!

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