Paul, ladies and gentlemen, is currently President of our esteemed group. Paul is a solid rock, a dance-calling Mr. Darcy, a faithful carrier of plastic totes full of weighty sound equipment.

David is a gentleman caller who started calling dances in the spring of 2013. He has excellent form, a quick draw, and a steady hand.

Emily fondly, lovingly remembers starting and then organizing OldDD events for six years before getting married and moving away. Now she helps out with whatever marketing, advertising, and calling that she can.

There have been many other volunteers over the years who have come and gone, always much appreciated. A few bear mention- in 2015 Jubilee stepped in to lead the group for a year, until other duties took her time. Andrea has been a hard-working, cheerful, immense help to the group with all of her skills. Joy has been a voice of calm and reason as well as a faithful volunteer for years.

The OldDD Callers are available for hire both at events in Nebraska and out-of-state events. They have called for youth groups, festivals, private parties, and historical events. If interested in hiring a caller, email us at