Emily: Founder and Caller


When OldDD began, Emily combined her long love of history with her new-found love of dance, spending hours studying various aspects of historical dances. After six years of leading OldDD in Omaha, Emily married, moved, and now lives in Texas.

Brandon and David: Gentlemen callers, Security, Sound Tech

David and Brandon are gentleman brothers who were gracious enough to call a few dances starting in the spring of 2013, and now they’re stuck. Always helpful, always timely, always gentlemen, David and Brandon are a great addition to the team.

Jubilee: Dance Mistress, Caller and Organizer

Winter of 2015 Jubilee stepped in. Jubilee has been a faithful dancer for several years. She’s always cheerful and fits her name well. A servant and willing helper, it’s been a natural transition to have Jubilee step into a role of leadership.

The OldDD Callers are available for hire both at events in Nebraska and out-of-state events. They have called for youth groups, festivals, private parties, and historical events. If interested in hiring a caller, email us at swing@dominiondance.com