It always drives me nuts to hear dance tunes in movies and not know or remember what they’re called. It’s also hard to find lists of titles online except for the better known movies like “Pride and Prejudice.” So after doing a little research I’ve come up with a basic dance list for some of my favorite period movies with tunes I know. Corrections and additions welcome!


Dances in Northanger Abbey(2007):

Recordings from the Pemberly Players by Fain Music.

On youtube:

Pt. 2 has Lord Byron’s Maggot; Pt. 3 Childgrove; Pt. 4 Upon a Summer’s Day; Pt. 5 Lord Byron’s Maggot again; Pt. 8 The Comical Fellow and the Touchstone.


Dances in Wives and Daughters(1999):

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Episode 2 has the Easter Charity Ball opens at 45 minutes with Soldier’s Joy and Speed the Plough, and goes on to a tune called “The Breast Knot.” They then go onto a very slow Trip to Paris and Northdown Waltz. Ep. 3 has flashbacks for Cynthia that includes Juice of Barley and Hole in the Wall. Ep. 4 has Molly dancing a waltz at the Great House.


Dances in Emma(1995 with Kate Beckinsdale)

On youtube:

The Ball: Jack’s Maggot, Hole in the Wall, Juice of Barley and Kelsterne Gardens. The ending sequence has “Haste to the Wedding” and “Mr. Isaac’s Maggot.”


“Felicity: An American Girl Adventure” plays a recording of Yellow Stockings under the name of the Virginia Reel(cringe) and when Ben can’t hack it Annabelle leaves the set. Big no-no!


BBC’s 2001 version of “Lorna Doone” has several great dance bits. “Newcastle” in the beginning, and dancing at Annie’s wedding scene, with the tune “Haste to the Wedding.”


“Becoming Jane”(2007) has the requisite showing of “Hole in the Wall”(I guess it’s one of those dances that can be contrived to look steamy).


“Miss Austen Regrets”(2008) has a circle dance to an Irish tune and a waltz.