There’s a reason I’m posting this so early(a full two weeks before the dance!): the Feb. dance will be our first ever with live music, and so the musicians needed the sheet music in order to practice. Another factor is the upcoming Bellevue Renaissance Faire where we will be performing, so it made sense to add several Ren Faire dances to the list. 

  • Waves of Tory

A favorite dance that is hard to do to recorded music- this will be the test for our brand-new musicians.

  • Ashford

A Ren Faire dance: Top lady, bottom man, switch!

  • Childgrove-stately

Another Ren Faire dance that we’ve never done before.

  • Lilliburlero

A lively dance we’ve never done before, so be sure tolook it up on youtube.

  • Upon a Summers’ Day

I believe we’ve done this dance at least once, but it’s been a while.

  • Gathering Peascods

The clapping dance.

  • Hole in the Wall

A very stately, beautiful dance as seen in the movie(which I do not recommend) “Becoming Jane.” Only we won’t be quite so stately, emotional, or well-dressed as they.

  • The Spaniard

A cheerful, simple dance

  • Braes of Dornoch

Another gentle dance we’ve done before.

  • Gay Gordon

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