Even though we won’t be dancing to “Hole in the Wall”, it may be helpful for some to watch this version to get a grasp on how ECD flows. We are planning on doing this dance. It’s always very helpful to see a dance done before hearing it called; but […]

RULES FOR DANCING From Boston Weekly Magazine, October 29, 1803 Rules for Dancing 1. The music to consist of a fiddle, a pipe and tabor, a hurdy gurdy (N.B. No chorus to be sung until dancing is over). 2. Those ladies who have not white cotton stockings and black Morocco […]

Come join us for a evening of enjoyable historical dances on Friday, July 16th, at Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church(165th and Center). This formal event will focus on the historical dances of early America. English Country Dancing is a family-friendly event, and we welcome families with children to attend; however, be […]

I have so many new dances to try out on the 25th I’m not sure which to focus on! Here’s one I just found: WAVES OF TORY Long line of gentlemen facing long line of ladies. 1. All take hands with neighbors in long lines, forward & back, twice. 2. […]

Cast “Typically in a longways set casting down a place; unless you are already facing out or down you turn up and out of the set (the long way round), and then move down the set past one person. Common variations are to cast to the bottom of a set […]

Our next dance is June 25th. An informal dance, starting at 7pm, Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church on 165th and Center. Drinks are provided and the dance is free, with a donation basket on the information table. We welcome families, but ask that parents keep close watch on children who are […]