Outdated? Maybe. Good for a laugh? Definitely! But in my mind, chivalry can never be encouraged enough, and dancing is one way to bring gentlemanly conduct back into favor. Laugh, learn, and apply, guys.

  • It is the duty of every person to arrive as early as possible to the hour named on the invitation.
  • Each guest should do all in his or her power to contribute to the enjoyment of the evening and neither hesitate nor decline to be introduced to such guests as the hostess or host requests.
  • It is the duty of all gentlemen to be reasonably proficient in the fashionable dances and to ensure that all the ladies who wish to dance do so.
  • If by any action a gentleman should tread upon any portion of a ladies dress, he must instantly beg her pardon and if by greater carelessness he should tear it, he must pause in his course and offer to escort her to the dressing room so that she may have it repaired.
  • A gentleman should escort his partner to the host or hostess, then obtain a program card for her from the program table. He may fill her card with his name as far as propriety allows (usually no more than four dances) but must then introduce her to other men of his acquaintance, who should ask to fill the remainder of the card. He may dance the first dance with her, conduct her to the supper room and then be ready to accompany her home whenever she wishes to go.
  • Never be seen without gloves in a ballroom, or with those of any other colour than white unless they are of the most delicate hue.
  • A lady cannot well refuse to dance with any gentleman who invites her unless she has a previous engagement. If she declines from weariness, the gentleman will show her a compliment by abstaining from dancing himself, and remaining with her while the dance progresses. Gentlemen should engage their partners for the approaching dance before the music strikes up.
  • Never forget ballroom engagements, nor confuse them, nor promise a dance to two persons. If a lady has forgotten an engagement, the gentleman she has thus slighted must pleasantly accept her apology. Good breeding and appearance of good temper are inseparable.

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