I recently watched the 1995 version(the best version, in my mind) of Jane Austen’s “Persuasion.” There is a brief dancing scene that shows the Musgroves and Captain Wentworth dancing what looks to me to be “Gathering Peascods”, and dance we’ve done before in our group. Only it didn’t look like […]

Here are the dances we have planned for tomorrow’s dance, along with who will be calling them: Upon a Summer’s Day (new) -Emily Ashford Anniversary (new) -Jennifer Jefferson’s Reel -Seth Dressed Ship -Emily Waves of Tory -Jennifer Ship’s Cook -No caller Gay Gordon (new) -Emily Stingo -Jennifer

Here are a few more picture from our September dance at the Providential History Festival: Dancing “Dashing White Sergeant” to Emma’s “Ship’s Cook”. By far one of our more popular dances. Here’s a wider picture of our dance area, from the top of the floor. See, kids can dance too! […]

Dancers dancing. The dance was held in a section of the Strategic Air and Space Museum’s large hanger where the history festival was held. The floor was very slippery, so some people(myself included) decided going barefoot was better than cracking thier heads on the floor, but the floor was also […]

Our next dance is October 15th, 7pm at Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church(165th and Center). English Country Dancing is a family-friendly event, and we welcome families with children to attend; however, be aware that there is no nursery and parents will need to keep young children out of the way of […]

Our next dance will be presented in collaboration with Omaha’s own Providential History Festival at the Strategic Air and Space Museum, Friday evening starting at 8:30. There is a cost to attend the Festival, but for those just coming for the dance there is no fee. Just arrive after 8pm. […]

In my experience, watching movies with historic dancing is a great help in understanding movement style and dance steps; plus I just love those historical(and maybe slightly romantic) movies! Here are the few that I could think of off the top of my head: Wives and Daughters Emma(2009) Last Dance […]