• Row Well ye Mariners.

A favorite mixer of ours, easy and enjoyable.

  • Dressed Ship

A pretty dance where the gentlemen “turn the lady under.”

  • Ashford Anniversary

We’ve done this dance several times before but people still get confused over the op lady and bottom man switching!

  • Gathering Peascods

A circle dance distinguished by it’s gender segregated clapping sequence.

  • Well Done Jack

A distinguished ending to the first set.

  • Yellow Stockings

A simple but lively dance, new for our group and one of my favorites.

  • Waves of Tory

Be sure to get in a line with people the same height as you! We usually end up having a separate children’s line for this one.

  • Auretti’s Dutch Skipper

A new dance, elegant and a calming follow-up to the previous dance.

  • Roger de Coverly

We did this dance for the first time at our Christmas Ball in honor of Dicken’s “Christmas Carol.” It’s the closest thing to the “Virginia Reel” I will ever allow.

  • Gay Gordon

Everyone loves this circle mixer: it’s a spirited ending to the evening.

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