The Callers with Ebenezer Scrooge at OldDD’s Christmas Ball.

The Fezziwig Ball: Wow. What a great ending to our first year!  For those of you who were there one year ago at our first ever event, you know how far we’ve come in the past year. Our first dance was a nightmare, with no working microphone and two very stressed beginners for callers. At the 2010 Christmas Ball we had a working sound system with only one borrowed piece of equipment(our goal is to be borrow-free), and as callers I know Jennifer and I are ten times more confident and dance-educated than we were a year ago. It just amazes me to look back and see how our dance efforts been blessed in the past year!

Our Dickens characters were perfect and a big hit; we had Scrooge grace us with his presence; Mr. Fezziwig; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crachit along with Tiny Tim, and the Ghost of Christmas Present. We definitely plan on making the Fezziwig Ball our annual Christmas theme.

We had good attendence, but don’t ask me what it was. I’m bad at estimating numbers. I do know it was somewhere between fifty and a hundred people. We also had a good variety of people from different venues: a few from Fort Atkinson, the Regency Society of the Heartland, two churches and at least one local homeschool group.

Bottom line: It went very well and I’m very grateful. Merry Christmas!

(And God bless us, every one)

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