Tis the season for reflection and resolution, and I’ve certainly been thinking a lot about the future of OldDD lately. Here are a  few subjects I’d like to throw out there so you all can get an idea of my grand plans for 2011.

  • Music. One goal that stands out as very important to me is that of consistently having live music at our dances instead of using music CDs. CDs are all very well, but it is so mucheasier and more enjoyable to have live music(except for the fact we will need more sound equipment). So I have begun searching for existing bands or musicians willing to play for little to no reimbursement. My hope(resolution, desire, prayer) is to have a band at the February dance and beyond.


  • Money. Someone recently encouraged me to become a registered non-profit organization in order to apply for Nebraska Arts Council Grants and other monies. We usually get just enough donations from our monthly dances to cover expenses, but especially now as we are beginning to build up a sound system and consider live music we could always use more cash. However, I think I can safely say that OldDD is resolved to never be a State registered organization, and to never accept government money for our group. I think it would be much nicer if instead of the government taking your money without your consent and and then requiring me to apply for a portion of it, you could just decide to give it to me of your own accord.


  • Growth and Recognition. Performing as a dance group and also teaching dance classes seem to be options easy to find, and would partially address the issue of funds as well as grow our group through name recognition. Last Saturday OldDD performed at a celebration of Jane Austen’s birthday, and we are also slated to perform at Bellevue’s Renaissance Faire in the spring. Neither of those events will be for financial gain, but we’re still getting our name out. I am not sure how to otherwise expand our advertising base beyond email chains, but I would like to.

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