• Jefferson’s Reel (Jennifer)

A easy but lively favorite that is very much like a contra dance

  • Childgrove (Aaron)

A newer dance that we did for the first time at the Feb. dance.

  • Row Well (Jennifer)

Another old favorite and a mixer as well!

  • Lilliburleo (Aaron)

A dance to practice for the Renaissance Faire.

  • Dressed Ship (Jennifer)

A very pretty and simple dance.

  • Ship’s Cook (Seth)

The dance from “Emma”(2009) that wears everyone out.

  • Rakes of Rochester (Jennifer)

A simple dance that has the favorite move, slip down the middle and back!

  • Hole in the Wall (Jennifer)

A genteel and gracious dance.

  • Ashford (Jennifer)

Top lady, bottom man, switch!

  • Gay Gordon

As you can see, we’re going to have some new callers at the coming dance. Please be sure to thank them for their involvement and effort. As always you can find the instructions for these dances in the sidebar to your right.

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