Our first ECD workshop was a great success. We had the perfect class size of roughly thirty people in each session. Jennifer and I are so grateful to all those who pitched in to help by bringing food and cleaning up afterward. We had good attendance Saturday night with many […]

Many thanks to Kimberly Hall, our beautiful and talented workshop teacher who drove up from MO to lead our workshop with no profit for herself. I think Kimberly was the only one over the weekend who did not complain of sore feet!

Jennifer and I are very excited for our very first ECD workshop this coming weekend. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers if not your attendance as we work to grow and serve our members. Many thanks to all who are working with us to make the workshop a success. […]

Last week Jennifer and I hitched a ride to Illinois for Liberty Day 2011. This is significant because calling for the dance at Liberty Day was our first paying dance job(that alone made it an awesome experience). I’m afraid I didn’t take a single picture. The money we earned at Liberty […]

Jefferson’s Reel (energetic and simple) Emily Hole in the Wall (calm and beautiful) Jennifer Jovial Beggars -Kimberly Auretti’s Dutch Skipper(flowing and smooth) -Emily Smithy Hill -Kimberly Female Saylor(exciting and gets faster throughout) -Kimberly Freeford Gardens -Emily I care not for these Ladies (sprightly) -Jennifer Juice of Barley (boot-stompin’) -Kimberly Gay […]

Less than two weeks until our very first Dance Workshop. Though we still have space for more to register in each session, I’m very pleased with the level of interest. At all our events we’ve had the providentially perfect number and just what we can handle. With only a few […]