Juice of Barley Childgrove Dressed Ship The Spaniard Soldier’s Joy Ship’s Cook Draper’s Garden Merry Haymaker Gay Gordon Spanish Waltz I tried to squeeze in more dances last month and recieved several comments about it, so we’re back to ten dances this time around. Most of these dances have instructions […]

People ask why I name and theme the dances. The Luau Dance in May especially got a lot of comments! The short answer is, I’m in charge, and I like everything to be color coordinated and neatly labeled. The themes are really just for fun and don’t mean much unless it’s a Ball, […]

The next dance is planned for June 17th, 7pm at FSPC, our annual Junebug dance.  The dance card will be posted shortly; we will be learning some new dances that will be done in July at our special Americana Ball with live music. You may notice that we will be […]

Swirling skirts… men in waistcoats… dances of the eighteenth century and before… experience a taste of history by attending a formal costume Ball the night of Friday September 16th. Hosted by Old Dominion Dance in conjunction with Omaha’s unique annual Providential History Festival, this Costume Ball will be held at […]

Our first ECD workshop was a great success. We had the perfect class size of roughly thirty people in each session. Jennifer and I are so grateful to all those who pitched in to help by bringing food and cleaning up afterward. We had good attendance Saturday night with many […]

Many thanks to Kimberly Hall, our beautiful and talented workshop teacher who drove up from MO to lead our workshop with no profit for herself. I think Kimberly was the only one over the weekend who did not complain of sore feet!