Friday, July 15th is the Americana dance at Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church. Come dance with us! I Care not for these Ladies Juice of Barley Row Well, ye Mariners Fisher’s Hornpipe Duke of Kent’s Waltz Soldier’s Joy Intermission Jefferson and Liberty Childgrove Merry Haymaker’s Jig  Waves of Tory The Spanish Waltz […]

If you’ve been keeping up with the new links in the sidebar, you know that for some months now a group of commited dancers has been meeting to learn by heart various dances to perform at events. Our most recent performance was the Renniassance Faire in April. I’d like to […]

Periodically Jennifer and I are asked to call for other public or private parties and events. We enjoy doing this because we get to practice our calling, teach new people to dance, and dance ourselves. Usually we even get paid! Below is some basic information about a public event we will […]

Juice of Barley Childgrove Dressed Ship The Spaniard Soldier’s Joy Ship’s Cook Draper’s Garden Merry Haymaker Gay Gordon Spanish Waltz I tried to squeeze in more dances last month and recieved several comments about it, so we’re back to ten dances this time around. Most of these dances have instructions […]

People ask why I name and theme the dances. The Luau Dance in May especially got a lot of comments! The short answer is, I’m in charge, and I like everything to be color coordinated and neatly labeled. The themes are really just for fun and don’t mean much unless it’s a Ball, […]

The next dance is planned for June 17th, 7pm at FSPC, our annual Junebug dance.  The dance card will be posted shortly; we will be learning some new dances that will be done in July at our special Americana Ball with live music. You may notice that we will be […]

Swirling skirts… men in waistcoats… dances of the eighteenth century and before… experience a taste of history by attending a formal costume Ball the night of Friday September 16th. Hosted by Old Dominion Dance in conjunction with Omaha’s unique annual Providential History Festival, this Costume Ball will be held at […]