I am firmly convinced that our cast of Dickens characters was better than most; good actors, serious about memorizing their lines, well-costumed, and just fun to be around. The cast added great flavor to the evening and were greatly appreciated.

Scrooge produced a superb performance.

Tiny Tim Crachit looked appropriately adorable and mournful, probably because he had outgrown the crutch and costume since last Christmas. He lost at least one waistcoat button throughout the course of the evening.

Bob Crachit had a jolly evening despite having to wear a warm and ill-fitting wool coat.

The Ghost of Christmas Present made very merry, standing by the door and welcoming people in(notice he’s holding a hand-made period correct candle lantern!).

The Ghost of Christmas yet-to-come terrified all until he de-robed to avoid suffocation and death by tripping.

Jacob Marley’s frightening costume was striking and much admired, and shed an unearthly dust of baby powder as he danced.

The Ghost of Christmas Past glowed and sighed delightfully until she had to leave early for a debate tournament. Thanks for coming, GCP!

Fred. Obliging, cheerful, a perfect gentleman.

The Fezziwigs: last-minute replacements. We’re so grateful they got over the flu in time!

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