Dances for Friday, Dec. 2nd

A dance from Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” celebrating our second anniversary.


Doors open to public at 6:30pm

Ten minute introductory dance class, 6:45

7pm sharp, Welcome and dancing starts.


  1. I care not for these ladies(circle mixer)
  2. Yellow Stockings
  3. Hole in the Wall


8pm, First intermission:

Performance by Old Dominion Dance Group

Polka: Deck the Halls


  1. The Comical Fellow
  2. Juice of Barley
  3. Row Well, ye Mariners


9pm, Second Intermission

Performance by Old Dominion Dance Group

Polka: Jingle Bells(written in 1857)


  1. The Physical Snob
  2. Jefferson and Liberty
  3. Duke of Kent’s Waltz
  4. Finale: Roger de Coverly


End Waltz: Silent Night.

One thought on “Dance Card for Fezziwig Ball, 2011

  1. So looking forward to it!! I seriously can’t wait! I will be in prayer for everything to go smoothly and for y’all not to get too stressed out! Thanks for all you do ladies!


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