Registration for the 2014 Fezziwig Ball is open! This year’s FezzBall is on Friday, Dec. 19th. The cost to attend is $7 per person for registered guests, and $10 at the door for unregistered guests, with a $35 family limit, paid by cash or check at the door. The FezzBall […]

Take a Dance-Emily Childgrove-Emily Hunt the Squirrel-David Yellow Stockings-David Hole in the Wall-David Intermission Ashford Anniversary-Mr G Road to Lisdoonvarna-Mr. G Puck’s Deceit- Emily Juice of Barley-Christa Newcastle Circle-Christa Mr. Isaac’s Maggot-Christa Gay Gordon-Mr. G Since this is our Fall Celebration Dance I’ve settled on an iced cinnamon tea to […]

My council and I(It’s a very small council) have recently been discussing the issue of pricing for our dances. We always appreciate your feedback, in so much as it’s practical(no, we will not be changing the dances to triple speed) and based on some of this recent feedback, we’re going […]

You may have noticed that our monthly dance is a week earlier this month. That’s partially because it just worked with our rental schedule, and partially because I wanted to have the dance before most of our attendees went back to school. And to make it more special, we’re having […]

Greetings, dancers! This Friday, July 18th, is our monthly dance. To accommodate and thank our student attendees, we’re offering a one-time special summer price of $3 per full-time student. Where: St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th St When: Doors open 6:30, dancing from 7pm-9:30pm The Dance Card for […]

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the dance card for April 11! Row Well ye Mariners Yellow Stockings Juice of Barley Trip to Paris Knole Park Hunt the Squirrel Intermission with recorded music- A waltz, a drawing, a dance performance, and a polka Mad Robin Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot […]

Since we’re having and Edwardian Ball in two weeks, maybe someone would like to know when and what exactly the Edwardian era was. Here are the basics: When was the Edwardian Era? Somehow Americans, not having a monarchy of their own, often use the British Monarchy to mark history. The […]

OldDD’s next dance is Friday, March 14th, and looking ahead we have a special event coming up: Old Dominion hosts an Edwardian Ball Friday, April 11th 7pm-9:30pm St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym $5 per person or $20 per family Live Music by The Band BEGINNERS and COSTUME APPAREL welcome. Why […]

Don’t forget our two-for-one Valentine’s special! And the February dance card is: Row Well ye Mariners Take a Dance Hunt the Squirrel Bellamira Jenny Pluck Pears Intermission Newcastle Circle Mr. Beveridges’ Maggot Yellow Stockings Spanish Waltz Gay Gordon

Greetings all, The Blue Dance is less than two weeks away and the dance card has been finalized! Starting on the 17th we’ll be enforcing some new policies that address event behavior and facility standards. Check them out below: New Event Policies for 2014 -No Loitering! We rent the St. […]