Our Fall formal event is one-of-a-kind: OldDD is recreating Bilbo Baggins’ 111st birthday! We’ll have live music, special drinks, and maybe even some real live hobbits. Join us for an evening of English Country Dance in a unique and totally fun setting! When: Friday, Sept. 18th Where: St. Mark’s Lutheran […]

Join us on August 14th, for a Hawaiian dance. Dress in a crisp Hawaiian shirt or a fun floral skirt, and don’t forget your lei! The callers for the evening will be David, Brandon, Jubilee, and Mr. G.   1. The Spaniard 2. Take a Dance 3. Jenny Pluck Pears 4. […]

We hope you’ll be able to join us for our patriotic dance on Friday, July 17th. The punch will be red, our skin will be white, and everyone who isn’t dancing will be blue. Indian Queen Row Well, ye Mariners Gathering Peascods Waves of Tory Hole in the Wall INTERMISSION […]

After our May break, we’re ready for our annual Junebug Dance! Our callers for the evening will be David, Brandon, & Jubilee. 1. Comical Fellow 2. I care not for these Ladies (a circle) 3. Knole Park 4. March of the Three Kings 5. Trip to Paris Intermission 1. Lord […]

As usual OldDD is taking off the month of May, because of weddings, graduations, and school schedules. Besides just giving us a break, taking off a month from public events also allows the OldDD Performance group to perform regularly at different venues.   Performance Group at Fort Atkinson State Historical […]

Here is the Dance Card for our Edwardian Ball on April 17th Jovial Beggars Ore Boggy to the tune of Halsway Manor(NEW) Tythe Pig Disbanded Officer to the tune of Kesh Jig(NEW) Draper’s Maggot(Waltz) Yellow Stockings 8pm Intermission Recorded waltz and polka   Liliburlero Newcastle Circle Ship’s Cook Duke of […]

Our Annual Titanic Dance returns April 17th Friday, April 17th 6:30pm-9:30pm St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th St $5 per person or $20 per family Live Music by The Band Join us for a family-friendly social event of social dancing set in the glistening Edwardian era, a pivotal […]