We were very pleased with our first-every Literary Ball! Those in attendance took the costuming suggestions quite seriously. Our guests included Dr. Watson, two Lucy Pevensies, Mr. McGregor, and an adorable Reepicheep, to name a few. Several dancers took the creative liberty to come as a librarian, an author, and a character from their own book. Kudos to all the creative costumers!

We gave away two drawings during the evening. The first was a dramatized audio book of Corrie Ten Boom’s, The Hiding Place, along with a loaf of German, chocolate-covered pound cake (perhaps eaten to celebrate the 100th birthday of her father’s watch shop), and a ration card (spoilers! Things get tight for the Ten Booms!). The second giveaway was another audio book from Focus on the Family, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. Along with the audio book, the winner received a box of authentic, rose-flavored Turkish delight. (The winners graciously offered their treats to the rest of the hungry dancers.)

We look forward to seeing you in June, as we will be taking a month off in May.


Oh! The variety we had..


This was a popular title


Watching the dance progress


Our array of volumes


“Arch and pass under”


IMG_0126 - Copy
It’s all in the family


What book did you bring?


L-R: Lucy Pensive, Reepicheep, Peace, Dr. Watson (minus the mustache)


Popcorn, dancing, and Narnia. What a combo!


Our faithful band


Two drawings were gifted


IMG_0128 - Copy
Dr. Watson (with the stache) and a gardener (minus the lovely spring hat)


“Thank you for this dance”

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