Standing in a circle.

Please note that the beginners class is on July 29th, not August 29th as previously posted.

HAVE YOU HEARD about English Country Dancing before? No, you say? Sounds intriguing, you say? You’d like to hear more, you say?

For gals, English Country Dancing is like what you’d find in any-old Jane Austen movie. It’s graceful, its utterly stylish, and so very lady-like.
(Now gents, before you plug your ears and run away squeamishly in the other direction, this is what English Country Dancing is for you…)
For guys, English Country Dance is not like what you’d find in any-old Hobbit Movie. It’s manly, it displays the cusp of chivalry, and, did I mention it’s manly?
Come join us on…

Friday, July 29th


Louisville Senior Center

423 Elm St, Louisville, NE

$2 per person

Old Dominion Dance has been hosting monthly English Country dances in the Omaha area since 2009, and we currently hold our dances at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church (Located at 90th & Blondo).
OldDD is offering this summer beginner’s class for people who want to try out English Country Dancing, but haven’t yet mustered up the courage to join in, or just want a little more practice before they jump in at a public dance. We’ll teach basic steps, history, and music styles in a relaxed and very affordable setting! This class is open to the public and all ages are welcome. Any questions can be directed to
We hope to see you there!

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