If you ask the average modern-day man-on-the-street what comes to mind when you say, “Saint Patrick,” you’ll likely get answers like, “Four-leaf clovers,” “Tiny men with orange beards and pointy ears,”  “Pinch me,” and “Pots of gold that no one actually ever finds at the end of the rainbow.”

But if you ask one of the Old Dominion Dance board members what they think of when you say, “Saint Patrick,” they might say, “Hands-four,” “Tiny people who drink orange punch and who make a point to dance,” “Turn your lady under (you’d never pinch a lady!),” and, “A golden good time.”

Okay, okay. Those probably aren’t the first things that would come to our minds, but they’re certainly on the forefront with our annual Saint Patrick’s Day dance coming around the corner. We hope you’ll be able to join us on

March 11th

Held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Gym, 1821 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68114

6:30 – Doors Open

6:45 – Beginners class

7:00 – Dancing Begins

Drinks provided

$3 Per person 14 and under, $5 per person 15 and up, and $20 per family


We’re looking forward to seeing you there! Don’t forget to wear green (or orange!).

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