Friday, March 13th, St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym 6:30pm: Beginner’s Class and welcome- Mr. G 7pm, dancing starts. Mad Robin-Jubilee Jenny Pluck Pears-Jubilee The Spaniard-David Hunt the Squirrel-David Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot-David Intermission Jack’s Health-Emily Merry Milkmaids-Emily Indian Queen-Brandon Ashford Anniversary-Brandon Mr. Isaac’s Maggot-Emily Gay Gordon-Emily   March and St. Patrick’s […]

Jan. 16th at St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th St. Doors open at 6:30pm; ten minute beginner’s class at 6:40, dancing starts at 7pm. First Set, 7pm-8:10pm: Comical Fellow Jefferson and Liberty Lilliburlero Trip to Paris Duke of Kent’s Waltz Ten minute Intermission Second set, 8:20-9:30pm: Juice of […]

People often ask what the Fezziwig Ball is. People often can’t pronounce the word and they just can’t understand it. So here’s an explanation of where we got the name, The Fezziwig Ball:   The Fezziwig Ball comes from Charles Dickens’ story “A Christmas Carol,” the no well-known novel about […]

Last Friday OldDD hosted a short ECD beginner’s class before our Veteran’s Day Dance, and we’re pleased to say it was very well received. So we’re hosting another one! We’ll go over basic steps and learn five dances that are all on the dance card for the 2014 Fezziwig Ball. […]

To be held at Lauritzen Gardens(100 Bancroft Street), Friday Dec. 19th. Doors open and photos at 6:30 6:50 Beginner’s dance class 7pm Fezziwig introduces the first dance   The Ragg, longways Juice of Barley, longways Newcastle Circle, a circle Jenny Pluck Pears, a 3 cpl circle 8pm, First Intermission. Introduction […]

The Veteran’s Day dance is our last dance of the year before our annual Fezziwig Ball. If you’re new to ECD the Veteran’s Dance a great way to practice before the big day! Come early at 6:45 for a “ten basic steps in ten minutes” warm-up class. Then pay extra […]

Earlier this month the OldDD Performance Group went to Fort Atkinson State Historical Park. We usually perform at Ft. A in June and September; this year we opted for October hoping the weather would be nicer. It turned out to be a rather cool, very windy day, but also very […]