For the first time in six years, and even though it doesn’t look that bad outside, we’ve decided to cancel the dance tonight, due to the weather. Just to be safe! So now you can all stay in your nice warm homes.

BUT, something you can still look forward to:

Brush up on your ECD knowledge or start learning just how fun ECD is by attending our pre-Fezziwig ECD Beginner’s Class. Friday, Dec. 11th, 7pm at Northwest Hills Church(9334 Fort St, Omaha). We will specifically be learning dances for upcoming the Fezziwig Ball. All ages welcome, flat rate of $2 per person.

AND something you can do from home:

Registration for the Fezziwig Ball is now open! It’s the biggest dance event of the year, and you won’t want to miss it. Register online here on our website, or email us at

3 thoughts on “Veteran’s Day Dance Canceled

  1. When will the Beginners Class start on December 11 at Northwest Hills Church?

    I was also wondering how many people dress up when they come to the dances? By dress up, I mean, in costume. Neither of us likes to “dress Up”. Are there people who come but do not dress up?

    Thanks for offering this fun activity.

  2. Sorry, Charles! It’s at 7pm.

    Gay, for our informal events at St. Mark’s, people come in anything from T-shirts to button down collared shirts. For formal events like the Fezziwig Ball, formal dress is more a requirement. T-shirts would definitely be out of place there! But otherwise, generally, you can wear what is most comfortable for you to any of our informal events.

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