People often ask, “What should I wear to the Fezziwig ball?”

The Fezziwig ball is a wonderful excuse to pull out that fancy dress or costume from your closet that you’ve been itching to wear all year.  The book, A Christmas Carol, where we get our theme for our Christmas ball, was written in the 1840’s. This was the beginning of the Victorian era in England.

Victorian fashion includes puffed sleeves,

full skirts,

and braided up-dos for the ladies.

For the gentlemen,

a black vest,

long trousers,

and a tail coat make a great Victorian ensemble.

If you don’t have these gorgeous historic pieces in the back of your closet, many people will often wear regency attire:


Regency outfits are also completely appropriate for the Fezziwig Ball, because at the actual Ball Scrooge is looking back into his youth, when Regency was in style.

“What if I’m not a costuming type?”

For a guy, a crisp button-up, dress pants, and tie are quite appropriate for the occasion, and a vest and suit jacket wouldn’t be over-dressing. For a gal, pull out your favorite Christmas dress and comfy church shoes (heels aren’t recommend for dancing).

We hope this post was helpful!

For questions regarding what to wear to our regular dances, and modesty suggestions for all of our events, please refer to our etiquette page.

We hope to see you at our annual Fezziwig ball!

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  1. Interesting reading this. May I ask you where you did buy this amazing Whig. I like the full skirts ? Romantic era ?

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