Join us on the 19th, as we celebrate fall with, what else, dancing! This is a casual event, so in the spirit of fall, slip on your favorite sweater and join us for a delightful evening and some festive autumn punch. Below is the dance card for the evening. Please feel free […]

Hhhhm… Fall. Bright leaves are beginning to twist and twirl their way off the trees en masse.  Bonfires crackle and pop, sending sparks spinning through the air. Sturdy tractors plow their way steadily through field, after field, after field. Twisting and twirling? Spinning?? And, *ahem* plowing??? Sounds like dancing, doesn’t it? Well, […]

Are you ready for the Hobbit Ball? Come join us for a festive evening where we’ll dance some of our favorites (and a new reel or two), accompanied by a live band! Start growing out your beards, gents, and iron your aprons, ladies; it’s hobbit time! Not sure yet what to […]

It’s that time of year again… The Annual Hobbit Ball.  We’ll play a few hobbit-y tunes, drink a little (ginger) ale, and maybe even dance with some real live hobbits. Join us for an evening of English Country Dance in a unique and totally fun setting! September 21st Held at […]

Here at Old Dominion, we’re excited to our annual Hawaiian dance this Friday (August 17th). We’re looking forward to donning your neck with a traditional(ish) Hawaiian lei, and teaching you some traditional dancing. Well, traditional English Country Dancing, that is. If you’re curious as to what we’ll be learning, check out our dance […]

It’s that time of year, again! Families are bustling about, going from place to place, enjoying one of their favorite seasons of the year: Vacation. Some families may just travel across the state line, others may head abroad to Europe or perhaps Down Under. But how would you like to get […]

Are you ready for our IndepenDANCE celebration tonight? Come join us for a jovial evening at… St. Mark’s Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th St 6:30pm beginner’s class Dancing starts at 7pm and ends at 9:15pm Drinks provided Cost to attend is $3 for ages 14 and under, $5 for ages […]

Here’s a question, did George Washington dance? According to General Nathanael Greene,  “His Excellency (George Washington) and Mrs. Greene (wife of Nathanael Greene) danced upwards of three hours without once sitting down.” [1] We’d say so. What about during the time of the Revolutionary War? “The anniversary of our alliance with France […]

Has something been bugging you lately? Let’s see, what could it bee… That the summer is about to fly by? That the days are quickly ticking away? That you know gnat what to do with your free Friday evening next week? Or maybe it’s that we haven’t danced in two […]

Ahhh… Welcome back friends. While we’re grateful for a breather in May, we’re as eager for this month’s dance as a Junebug is for 75 watt porch light. So step lightly, put on your dancing slippers, and join us on… June 22nd St. Mark Lutheran School Gym, 1821 N. 90th […]