Hey there! Were you at our Veteran’s Day Dance? We at Old Dominion were so thrilled to have such a great turn out; we’ve never seen so many couples dancing at intermission! If you were there, thanks for coming! If you couldn’t make it, and especially if you did, we […]

We were wondering, when the word, “dancing” leaves your lips, what follows it? “Dancing. It’s tied with chocolate for first place.” “Dancing! That sounds like fun; I’d like to try.” “Dancing? I’ll be in the coat closet if you need me.” Whatever your answer is, you’ll have a grand time at […]

We are always so excited to host the Fezziwig Ball. It’s such a special event, so unique in our area. The live music, costumed characters, and amazing venue make this Christmas dance an annual favorite. Well, that dance is just around the corner! Registration will open online, here, on Nov. […]

We hope you’ll be joining us on Friday, November 11th for our annual Veteran’s Day Dance. Feel free to don on 40’s attire, including uniforms, if you so desire. This is the last dance of the year before our Festive Fezziwig Ball, so if you would like to brush up […]

Please join us for our Veteran’s Day dance on November 11th. While this is not a formal event, we do encourage 1940’s attire, as we will be taking a step back in dance with some Big-Band Swing music at intermission. So pin some victory curls ladies, and slick back your […]

Put on a handsomely-festival fall sweater, and come join us next week for our October dance! Below is the dance card for the evening. Follow the links for instructions and videos. psstt! Don’t worry, we’ll always walk you though each dance before we dance to it with music! 1.Indian Queen 2.Duke […]

Old Dominion Dance is hosting a caller’s workshop on October 14th, 2016. Do you find yourself in one (or more) of these three categories? A. Would really like to call, but doesn’t know how to start; it looks so hard. B. Stalks the Old DD website and waits patiently for the dance card […]

It’s Fall! What does this have to do with dancing, you ask?   One, it’s cooler now. All those people in the dance line with sweaty hands? They’ll be less sweaty! And all those people with clammy hands- will have even clammier hands. But anyway, yes, yay, finally it’s cooler. […]

We’re looking forward to seeing you next Friday (September 16th) at our second Hobbit Ball. Below is the dance card for the evening. Feel free to follow the links and brush up on your steps! Psst! Don’t worry, we’ll always teach you! 1. Hole in the Wall 2. Lilliburlero 3. Jack’s […]