Not an Irishman. At least, not by birth, anyway. Kidnapped at age 16 by a group of Irish raiders, Patrick was enslaved until he was able to escape, 6 years later. Eventually, Patrick, went back to Hiberniae (What is now modern-day Ireland) to preach the gospel as a missionary. Nowadays, folks celebrate St. Patty’s […]

For those of you who like quizzes, here’s one for you: What do we here at Old Dominion love most? a. Chocolate b. Live music c. Calling a dance d. Intermission e. None of the above Comment below with your answer! (If you answered “e. None of the Above,” please […]

The first dance of 2017 is next week! Can you believe it?! We hope to see you (and a couple of your closest buddies) there at St. Mark at 7:00pm. Below is the dance card for the evening. Feel free to follow these links to videos and instructions. Jefferson and […]

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to have more fun? Or perhaps you committed to spending more time with family and friends. Or maybe you made the ever-popular promise to exercise more. All these resolutions and more can be fulfilled at one (or all) of our monthly dances! You may […]

Last week we geared up for our grandest event of the year: The Fezziwig Ball. The drawings were wrapped. The dances prepared. The band practiced. The actors donned on their costumes. The punch was put out. The people came. And more came. And more. We were so thankful for such […]

“What do I do if… … My shoe starts coming off? … I don’t know what the next move is? … My partner decides this isn’t their thing, and walks away, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE?!“ These are several questions that may have flashed through your mind at one time […]

The Fezziwig Ball is in just two weeks! One thing that sets the Ball apart from the rest of our events is the fact the we’ll be dancing with a live band! Just like it would have been in Dickens’ classic novel, we will have real-live strings and winds! Though we are blessed […]

Hey there! Were you at our Veteran’s Day Dance? We at Old Dominion were so thrilled to have such a great turn out; we’ve never seen so many couples dancing at intermission! If you were there, thanks for coming! If you couldn’t make it, and especially if you did, we […]