Have you ever wondered, “What does one wear to a Hobbit Ball?” Generally, most people on earth do not have to ask themselves that question. In Middle Earth however, now that’s quite a common-place inquiry.

Here’s some fashion (or lack there of) inspiration for you.


Let’s start with the gents, shall we?

Step 1: Find yourself some quality facial hair


Image result for lord of the rings crochet beard


Image result


Image result for large beard

(One week’s notice not enough? Sorry guys.)

Step 2:

Find an ominous (or not-so-ominous, you have to be able to dance in it, after all) cloak.

Step 3: Pick out a few accessories

Wrist guards are a good choice…

Image result for arm guard diy costume

A ring, perhaps? Try not gloat about how yours is obviously the real deal. (Pretty sure it came from Middle Earth, not the Amazon.)

Image result for LOTR ring necklace


Now for the ladies:

Step 1: Do something with your hair

Image result

How to braid LOTR style: Sway while you braid; “This waayy… Now back to the lehhftt, and the ryghhte…”

Image result

Or just grow out your hair and do a simple braid.

Image result for really long braid

(One week’s notice not enough? Sorry gals)

Step 2: Pick out some pretty peasant (or not-so-peasant) clothes (Pro tip: cocoa powder is more lady-like than real dirt.)

Medieval Wool Hooded Cloak "Sansa"

Image result for renaissance peasant outfit

Step 3.

Accessorize with some jewelry

A headpiece can be quite lovely.

Image result for celtic jewelry




For those who only come to dance, and could care less about dressing up, try these on for size:

Khakis are a great choice! Rolled up…

Image result for rolled up khakis white shirt

… Or left hanging.

Image result

Brown skirt, leather boots, white top.

Image result for brown skirt

Long tiered skirts are a great option!

Image result for tiered skirt modest


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– Please take quick peek at this post to review proper attire guidelines and etiquette for the evening-

Reposted from September, 2016

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