The Fezziwig Ball is right around the corner. We’re getting ready gathering our actors, musicians, and costumes, and more! We hope you’ll join us in two weeks on December 14th!

Below is the dance card for the evening. Just as we do at our regular monthly dances, we will always teach each dance before we begin, and we will continue to call all the way through the dance. So don’t worry if this is your first dance; we’re excited to have you!

6:30 – Doors Open
6:45 – 10 Minute Beginners’ Class
7:00 – Dancing Starts – A Christmas Carol Vignette

Row Well, ye Mariners
Gathering Peascods
Juice of Barley
Sion House
Jenny Pluck Pears

8:00 – First Intermission – Drawing for Prize – A Christmas Carol Vignette

Jefferson and Liberty
Draper’s Maggot
Kelsterne Gardens
Bishop of Chester’s Jig
Yellow Stockings

9:00 – Second Intermission – Introduction of the Characters – Drawing for Prize – A Christmas Carol Vignette

Lasses of Portsmouth
Trip to Paris
Ship’s Cook
Gay Gordon/to the tune of a Christmas Medley: Good Christian Men Rejoice/I Saw Three Ships/Good King Wenceslas

10:00 – End Waltz

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