Well, we’ve had a very up and down time trying to decide whether or not to have dances, where to have dances, and how to have dances, since we last posted in March. Things have been changing every month and the OldDD Board has been talking regularly about what to […]

Well all, we’ve succumbed. Not that we’re sick- but we’ve joined the trend and decided to cancel the March dance this coming Friday. It’s been quite a year already for cancellations! We’re sorry to all, and we hope everyone keeps us in mind once the whole kerfluffle is past. We’ll […]

Away they all went, twenty couple at once; hands half round and back again the other way; down the middle and up again; round and round in various stages of affectionate grouping; old top couple always turning up in the wrong place; new top couple starting off again, as soon […]

Since the publication of Dickens’ classic in 1843 and then beginning of silent films, a Christmas Carol has been play-acted and filmed dozens upon dozens of times in many different styles. The very first was a silent short in 1901(Watch it here). Film adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” are many, […]

Here it is, folks! The dance card for the 2019 Fezziwig Ball. Be sure to keep up on our Facebook page as we post the history and instructions for each dance, as well as clips from the book “A Christmas Carol” that we’ll be using in our short vignettes at […]

Our November event is English Country Dancing, as usual, but with two particular focus points: Veteran’s Day, and the upcoming Fezziwig Ball. Veteran’s Day is one of our more serious themes for a dance, but we always enjoy playing some songs popular during World War One and Two during our […]

“When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton. Bilbo was very rich and very peculiar, and had been the wonder of the Shire for sixty years, ever […]

We’ve chosen a relaxing Hawaiian theme for our August dance! Wear your best Hawaiian floral shirt and come sway with us on Friday the 16th. It may be hot outside, but indoors will be comfortable and balmy- just like Hawaii! Our dance card for the evening: Comical FellowRow Well, Ye […]

After a month of still feet, we’re back with another dance! Join us this Friday for our Junebug Dance. Why Junebug? The answer is simple, really. Pretty basic. We couldn’t think of another excuse to dance. So to celebrate summer and the month of June and small insects that skitter […]