I always feel like it takes our group a while to get back into the swing of things after taking May off from dancing. Maybe it’s just me. But despite my slowness in getting back into the routine, we’ve held a steady crowd through the summer months and it’s been fun! Now we are really starting to think about the upcoming Hobbit Ball.

The Hobbit Ball is planned for Friday, Sept. 23rd. This is a live-music dance at the German-American Society, 3717 S 120th St, Omaha. We are very excited to be dancing at the German Society for the first time. As usual doors will open at 6:30, dancing will start at 7. Cost to attend is $7 per person or $30 per family. Registration is not required. Stay tuned for the dance card so you can practice beforehand.

Water will be provided. Parents, we ask you do not drop off your young teens or children and leave. Costumes are welcome as long as they are dance-friendly!

If you have any suggestions for dances or special touches to implement at the Hobbit Ball, let us know! You can email us at swing@dominiondance.com, or message us through Facebook.

We are searching for new band members! We typically have live music dances twice a year, and the band meets to practice one or two evenings in the month beforehand. We need string and wind instrument players especially.

The dance card for the evening:

Waves of Tory(longways)

Comical Fellow(longways)

Childgrove(longways improper)

Jack’s Health(longways)

Hole in the Wall(longways slow)

Jenny Pluck Pears(3 cpl circle)


The Ragg(longways)

Kelsterne Gardens(3 cpl longways)

March of the Three Kings(longways)

Puck’s Deceit(longways)

Prince of Gloster’s Waltz(longways waltz)

GG(circle mixer)

You can also check out this youtube playlist of videos of these dances.

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