Here we go! It’s time to start gearing up for the Fezziwig Ball. Posted below is the dance card. It may be subject to change as we prepare.

6:30pm doors open.

As always, we plan our dances to start with the easiest and get progressively more complicated throughout the evening. So you can expect the last set, at 9pm, to be more complicated than the first set.

7pm, the Fezziwigs open the Ball and dancing begins.

  1. Comical Fellow- longways set with medium tempo
  2. Waves of Tory- short longways set with brisk tempo
  3. Row Well, ye Mariners -longways improper set, medium tempo, a mixer dance
  4. Hole in the Wall-longways set with a slow, genteel tempo

8pm, First intermission. Introduction of the characters and drawing for the door prizes.

  1. Lord Byron’s Maggot-longways set with medium tempo
  2. Juice of Barley-longways set with medium/brisk tempo
  3. Spanish Waltz- two couple sets in a circle around the room, a beautiful, slow dance.
  4. Ship’s Cook-three couple sets. A brisk Scottish Country Dance.

9pm, Second intermission. Thanks to the Lauritzen and the band.

  1. Eastborne Rover-three couple set in medium tempo
  2. Emperor of the Moon-longways set with a brisk tempo
  3. Duke of Kent’s Waltz-longways set with a slow tempo
  4. Gay Gordon-a circle mixer with brisk tempo, to a medley of Christmas carol tunes.

10pm, end waltz “Silent Night.”

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