We now have a stable place to meet, and dates for dances through the rest of 2021, though the flexibility of the Botanical Gardens remains to be seen.

Our new location is a church basement and the address as well as all our event dates are on our Future Dances page.

This location is certainly smaller and older than our previous one, but the church has been so welcoming that it makes up for any aesthetic flaws! Because we are still struggling to bring people back after our enforced hiatus, and because it is a smaller space for less cost, we have dropped our cost per person for the time being to $3 a head. The cost for a family is still $15. If we are allowed to return to the Botanical Gardens for the Fezziwig Ball this December, the cost will still be $7 per person.

So: we are still dancing, regularly and with great energy. Our events are more affordable than ever. Come and dance with us!

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  1. Hello, I admire your site and your goals. if you have an email distribution list, I’d like to be included. I am with The Carolina English Country Dancers. Please contact me as I have some questions.

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