Hhhhm… Fall. Bright leaves are beginning to twist and twirl their way off the trees en masse.  Bonfires crackle and pop, sending sparks spinning through the air. Sturdy tractors plow their way steadily through field, after field, after field.

Twisting and twirling? Spinning?? And, *ahem* plowing??? Sounds like dancing, doesn’t it?
Well, we think it’s about time for another one of those; so come join us for our Fall Dance on

October 19th

Held at St. Mark Lutheran Gym, 1821 N 90th St, Omaha, NE 68114

6:30 – Doors Open

6:45 – Beginners class

7:00 – Dancing Begins

Drinks provided

$3 Per person 14 and under, $5 per person 15 and up, and $15 per family

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