This year’s Fezziwig Ball is fast approaching! All the pertinent information can be found on the Fezziwig Ball page here on our website. Posted here will be a few housekeeping details and rules of etiquette for the event. First off, this will be our last year dancing at the Lauritzen […]

Here’s a collection of notes we’ve been sharing through our email list. The Fezziwig Ball is coming up fast! Here are a few things we want you to know about our event: It’s always hard to hear at the Fezziwig, which makes for a lot of confusion and therefore even […]

Registration is open for the 2021 Fezziwig Ball! Check out the Fezziwig Ball page and scroll to the bottom to find the registration form. As usual, you can simply register as a family, instead of entering each individual. Just add the word “family” after your last name in the form. […]

Q: “Wait, is the Veteran’s Day Dance a costumed event?” Short answer: Nope. Long answer: Yep. Confusing? Let us explain. While we generally keep costumes limited to our formal events (like the Hobbit Ball in September, and our upcoming Fezziwig Ball) we do like to make an exception for our Veteran’s Day Dance. Now, […]

We’re often asked about the dress code for our dances. We’re not that picky, usually. Most of our dances are casual dress in a relaxed atmosphere. At our formal dances we welcome historical costumes and nicer church-going clothes.   Well. The Fezziwig Ball is different. We didn’t fork out hundreds […]

The Hop Ground (Emily) A simple dance Yellow Stockings (Jennifer) A good warm-up dance Waves of Tory (Emily) An old dance meant to imitate the waves of the sea. Rakes of Rochester (Jennifer) A simple dance Braes of Dornoch (Emily) A stately dance for three couple sets. Gathering Peascods (Jennifer) […]

We hope you can join us for our last event of the year before the grand Fezziwig Ball! We encourage you to dress up in something retro for the evening in honor of Veteran’s Day. Wondering what to wear? Check out this post. Childgrove The Ragg Christina Nonesuch Prince of […]