Q: “Wait, is the Veteran’s Day Dance a costumed event?”

Short answer: Nope.

Long answer: Yep.

Confusing? Let us explain. While we generally keep costumes limited to our formal events (like the Hobbit Ball we just had, and our upcoming Fezziwig Ball) we do like to make an exception for our Veteran’s Day Dance.

Now, we don’t encourage you to spend hours sewing an outfit for this Friday evening (save that for the Fezziwig Ball!), but maybe just plan your wardrobe choice a little father ahead. And perhaps slip in to Goodwill to pick up a few complementary pieces to complete your ensemble.

Gents, try these on for size:


Classy slicked-back hair, ties,

and sweaters or suit jackets.

(Depending on your preference)



Plain pants, plaid wool trench,

and, that hat!


Casual. No hat, tie, or trench.

Still smartly-dressed.




Pleated skirts, hats (style points for a beret).

Belts are essential to this era.


Simple. Yellow, bloused, knitted sweater,

and half-circle skirt.


Nautical style. Striped dress with bolero.


We do recommend that you ladies wear dance-appropriate shoes. Some gals like to arrive and leave in classy heels, but bring along a pair of dancing slippers to avoid broken ankles. Also, do a spin-check on your skirt; swing dancing is fast!

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