We were wondering, when the word, “dancing” leaves your lips, what follows it?

  • “Dancing. It’s tied with chocolate for first place.”
  • “Dancing! That sounds like fun; I’d like to try.”
  • “Dancing? I’ll be in the coat closet if you need me.”
    Whatever your answer is, you’ll have a grand time at any of our evening events; especially our next two:
    VETERAN’S DAY DANCE: Friday, November 11th
    FEZZIWIG CHRISTMAS BALL: Friday, December 9th

    1. Chocloate: Dancing: We will likely gift some special Fezziwig chocolate at the ball, so why break the tie when you can have both?
    2. Dancing: It is fun, and our Veteran’s Day Dance is the perfect place to wet your dancing shoes in English Country Dancing. You learn ECD, get to swing (if you’re In The Mood), and meet other people who enjoy this classic pastime.
    3. Dancing!? We’re holding the Fezziwig at the lovely Lauritzen Gardens. And while the coat closet is rather large, it only has a maximum capacity of five. (It will be the first place we will send people who need a partner, FYI.)

    Will we see you there? Remember, no registration need for the Veteran’s Day Dance next week, but make sure to reserve your spot early to the Fezziwig Ball by registering here. (Registration opens November 11th)

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