We are always so excited to host the Fezziwig Ball. It’s such a special event, so unique in our area. The live music, costumed characters, and amazing venue make this Christmas dance an annual favorite. Well, that dance is just around the corner! Registration will open online, here, on Nov. 11th, the day of the Veteran’s Day Dance. There will also be a registration sheet at the Veteran’s Day dance so you can register there; and if you would rather register by email, you can contact us at swing@dominiondance.com.


This year’s Fezziwig Ball features several well-loved trademarks:


  • A full Dickens cast
  • Our wonderful band
  • A dance card of favorite dances
  • Brilliant costumes
  • Our regular venue going on five years now, the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens Ballroom.

Mark your calendars!

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