1. The Hop Ground (Emily) A simple dance
  2. Yellow Stockings (Jennifer) A good warm-up dance
  3. Waves of Tory (Emily) An old dance meant to imitate the waves of the sea.
  4. Rakes of Rochester (Jennifer) A simple dance
  5. Braes of Dornoch (Emily) A stately dance for three couple sets.
  1. Gathering Peascods (Jennifer) A circle dance distinguished by it’s clapping sequence
  2. “Emma” dance (Emily) the very pretty last dance taken from the 2009 version of “Emma.”
  3. Ship’s Cook (Jennifer) the other dance from “Emma.” Very energetic!
  4. Roger de Coverly (Emily) the dance mentioned in Dicken’s “Christmas Carol.”
  5. Gay Gordon -no caller. A simple circle dance and a fine ending to the evening.

We may not get through ten dances, but here we have a good mix of old favorites, energetic dances and calming interludes.

I encourage all attending to wear costumes from any era if they are able, though our focus is on the time of Dickens “Christmas Carol.” You may even see some Dickens characters come to life!

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