Here it is, folks! The dance card for the 2019 Fezziwig Ball. Be sure to keep up on our Facebook page as we post the history and instructions for each dance, as well as clips from the book “A Christmas Carol” that we’ll be using in our short vignettes at intermissions.

6:30pm Doors open at Lauritzen Botanical Gardens

6:45pm Beginner’s dance class

7pm dancing starts. Scrooge and the Fezziwigs introduce the first dance

  1. Rakes of Rochester
  2. Newcastle(A Circle mixer)
  3. Jovial Beggars
  4. Hole in the Wall(A very slow and stately dance)
  5. Waves of Tory(Very athletic)

8pm, First Intermission. Toast to our eleventh anniversary! Drawing for door prizes. Scene from “A Christmas Carol”: Scrooge and Nephew Fred in the counting house.

  1. Row Well, ye Mariners(A longways mixer)
  2. Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot(slightly more complicated dance)
  3. March of the Three Kings
  4. Spanish Waltz(A very stately slow circle dance)    

9pm, Second Intermission. Introduction of all the characters. Drawing for door prize. Scene from “A Christmas Carol”: Scrooge meets Marley’s Ghost

  1. Bishop of Chester’s Jig
  2. Ship’s Cook(A very brisk favorite)
  3. Jack’s Maggot(more complicated)
  4. Puck’s Deceit(more complicated)
  5. Gay Gordon: God rest ye merry Gentlemen

Farewell: Next dance is Fri.  Jan 20th. End 10pm.

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