Music is available on Amazon from the band Red House(tune called Haapevesi) and on the CD album “Civil War Ballroom” by Spare Parts.

Formation: A circle of four couple sets, couple facing couple, ladies on the right of their partner. So in your two couple square the men should be facing a lady, their neighbor, and the ladies are facing a man, with their own partner by their side.

Taking hands with the person across from you, your neighbor, take right hands and balance in and out. Switch places with that person(men turning the ladies under). With your partner the same; again with your neighbor; again with your partner. Everyone is moving around the square and back to original place.

In your set, Star R. Ladies hands are clasped above then men’s. Star Left back to place.

Promenade: taking promenade position with partners holding hands crossed with mens’ hands underneath, the two couples step forward to make a line of four and promenade all the way around to move past their neighbors and on to the next.