Since the publication of Dickens’ classic in 1843 and then beginning of silent films, a Christmas Carol has been play-acted and filmed dozens upon dozens of times in many different styles. The very first was a silent short in 1901(Watch it here).

Film adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” are many, and most of them have the dance scene of Ezziwig’s Ball. Since the dance “Roger de Coverly” is specifically mentioned in the book, several of the films have the tune and some variation of the dance. Several are available to watch on youtube- including several short silent versions.

1951 has the actual Roger de Coverly tune and dance, at 28 minutes.

This clip from 1954 has a very formal Fezziwig Ball.

1970 has a very exuberant Fezziwig Ball in musical style.

1977 has the correct tune.

1984 has a sort of hornpipe dance as well as the Roger de Coverly tune.

1999 has Patrick Stewart as Scrooge and very dramatically dressed Fezziwigs. There’s a dance that’s not the de Coverly, but has a hey for four in it! There’s also a song/dance and waltz. All in all, a very amusing adaptation.

2009 with Jim Carey is actually the only animated version I’ve watched, and I really enjoy it. While the animated dance scenes are way past believable, the tune for the de Coverly is correct, though it changes conveniently to a waltz at the romantic moment.


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