Here is a list of the dances for the 2023 Fezziwig Ball with links to written instructions, if available, and also downloadable music tracks. If there is not link to the music track then it is already listed with the written instructions.

Comical fellow – longways

Trip to town-o – Sicilian circle; that is, 2 cpl sets in a circle. You can find the tune “Foxhunters” here

Waves of Tory – 4 cpl set. We’ll be using the tune “Roger de Coverly

Spanish waltz – Sicilian circle; that is, 2 cpl sets in a circle. Tune will be “Spanish Waltz”

Juice of barley – longways

La Boulanger – 4cpl circle, music here

Lord Byron’s maggot – longways

Ship’s Cook – 3 cpl set. The name of the actual dance is “Dashing White Sergeant.” The tune is from the 2009 movie version of “Emma”.

Indian queen – longways

Eastborne Rover – 3 cpl set; so far as I know there is no recording you can buy for this tune

Alice – longways waltz, and the tune can be found here

Gay Gordon, a circle mixer

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