And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: photos from the 2013 Fezziwig Ball.

FEzBall2013 065Clearly, everyone had a good time. Especially Brandon, whose free-spirited style of calling dances brought cheerful confusion to the dance floor.

FEzBall2013 072Fred, Scrooge’s nephew, “quite a powerful speaker” who wished all a Merry Christmas.

FEzBall2013 123To which Scrooge said “Bah. Humbug!”

FEzBall2013 084The ghost of Jacob Marley encouraged Scrooge to reform, and to offer Scrooge a hope and chance he was visited by:

FEzBall2013 111The Ghost of Christmas Past

FEzBall2013 108The Ghost of Christmas Present

FEzBall2013 103and the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come.

FEzBall2013 131Bob Crachit was present; oozing humility;

FEzBall2013 098Tiny Tim was there too(SO ADORABLE.)

FEzBall2013 096and the Happy Fezziwigs.

Many thanks to everyone who attended the 2013 Ball, and special thanks to our volunteer cast and band, who make the evening wonderful.

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