Greetings all,

The Blue Dance is less than two weeks away and the dance card has been finalized! Starting on the 17th we’ll be enforcing some new policies that address event behavior and facility standards. Check them out below:

New Event Policies for 2014

-No Loitering! We rent the St. Mark’s gym, not the hallway, any other part of the building, or the parking lot. Let’s show respect and good sense by not allowing children or teens to stay in the hallway, other parts of the building, or the parking lot. We love St. Marks and want to stay on good terms with the staff, so we’ll especially be enforcing this new policy strictly in the coming year. Parents, help us out by making sure your children know the rules.

-Pay up or stay home! We’re assuming that everyone who attends our event will pay the cost to attend. If finances are an issue, we offer discounts to our volunteers. Parent chaperones are exempt from paying only if they know they will not be dancing.

-You’re coming to dance. To put it simply: our events are DANCES. If you’re not dancing for at least a portion of the evening, you end up detracting from the event and distracting others.

Thanks to all our faithful attendees who always make the dances such fun. We hope these new standards will make our events even more enjoyable and family friendly.

Your callers,

Mr. G, Emily, Christa, David and Brandon


Dance Card for Jan. 14th:

  1. Comical Fellow
  2. Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
  3. Trip to Paris
  4. Merry Milkmaids
  5. Draper’s Maggot


  1. Jovial Beggars
  2. Juice of Barley
  3. Hunt the Squirrel
  4. Hole in the Wall
  5. Gay Gordon

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