Fezziwig Ball is short weeks away, so here’s the evening schedule:

6:30pm: Doors open at the Omaha Botanical Gardens(100 Bancroft Street)

6:50: Short dance class

7pm: Dancing starts with Mr. Fezziwig opening the dance floor

  1. The Ragg-longways
  2. Juice of Barley-longways
  3. Newcastle Circle-a circle
  4. Jenny Pluck Pears-three couple circle
  5. Draper’s Maggot-three couple set

8pm, First Intermission with introductions of the cast, a skit, a drawing for a prize and a toast.

Polka and waltz

  1. Row Well ye Mariners-longways improper
  2. Ashford Anniversary-three couple sets
  3. Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot-longways
  4. Ship’s Cook-three couple sets
  5. Spanish Waltz-a circle of hands-four

9pm, Second Intermission. Skit with Jacob Marley and Scrooge and another prize drawing.

Polka and waltz.

  1. I Care not for these Ladies-a circle
  2. Female Saylor-longways
  3. Yellow Stockings-longways
  4. Duke of Kent’s Waltz-longways
  5. Roger de Coverly- 4 cpl set.

Final Waltz at 10pm

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