Repost from last year: Why our Fezziwig Ball is the Best Ever.


The Cast: Those of you who have been to the annual  OldDD Fezziwig Ball know that our Dickens cast is amazing. They look the part in their historical costumes(no polyester!). They memorize their lines and deliver them in excellent form. Jacob Marley and Scrooge knocked the socks off the crowd last year with their scene from Scrooge’s bedroom. And they’re all unpaid volunteers. Dickens in the Market has nothing on us! Our cast is one of the best costumed, best acting I’ve seen both with my own eyes and online.


Location: we have for our Ball a beautiful location. The Omaha Botanical Gardens have been very gracious in quoting us a price affordable to our group. Because of that we’re able to rent one of the nicest dance floors in Omaha. For a group like ours, five years old and with limited advertising, I think that’s pretty cool. And you can’t beat $7 per person for any other formal event around the country!


The Band– The band really puts up with a lot. All volunteers from various walks of life, they come together for our dance events to play the dance tunes over and over for three hours. Live music totally changes the atmosphere of an event, and we’re always glad to have a band.


And finally, our Fezziwig Ball has great historical Dancing. Nowhere else in Omaha can you find historical English Country Dance. Old Dominion Dance focuses on reviving historical dances as a safe social forum, through hosting family-friendly events.


Registration for the 2013 Fezziwig Ball is still open! Click on the link(Fezziwig Ball 2013)in the sidebar to your right, and at the bottom of the page you’ll find the form to register.

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