Veteran’s Day Dance

 The November English Country Dance is Friday, Nov. 11th, 7pm at Faithful Shepherd Presbyterian Church(165th and Center).

Cost to attend is $3-$5 per person.

We’re honoring veterans. Bring a photo of a friend or relative who have served and put it on the display table we’ll have up. Those who want to dress up, our theme is the World War Two era. Punch and cups will be provided by the generous
Iglesias family.

Swing-arrive early if you want to swing dance more than intermission and final dance!

  1. Indian Queen

  2. Spanish Jigg

  3. Christina

  4. Lord Byron’s Maggot


  1. Contra

  2. The Hop Ground

  3. Waves of Tory

  4. Braes of Dornoch

  5. Gay Gordon

Ending: Swing


A Note about Swing: We’ll be playing big band swing music for intermission on Nov. 11th in honor of veteran’s day, so brush up on your swing! We’ve received several requests for swing in the past, so we’re glad to accommodate you all at this dance. However, this is a one time event. Our focus is English Country Dance and the historical dance styles that surround it, and the age gap between swing and English Country prevents them from going well together.

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