There are only 23 days until the Fezziwig Ball.


Excited, adjective

Definition of EXCITED:

being in a state of increased activity or agitation (excited trading
on the stock exchange followed in the wake of the favorable economic

Synonyms: agitated, excited, frenzied,
heated, hectic, hyperactive, overactive, overwrought

Related Words: hyperexcited,
overexcited; afire, aflutter, aquiver, atingle; anxious, dithery,
edgy, het up, high-strung, hyped-up, hyper, jittery, jumpy, nervy,
nervous, perturbed, tense, troubled, uneasy, unquiet, upset, uptight,


I may actually be all of those things. I hope you all are looking forward to this event as much as I am. Register! Today!

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